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  • Kevin Sneddon

    Founder - NYC + Greenwich

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  • Anne Willoughby Nelson

    Network Partner - Seattle

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  • Ari Afshar & Associates

    Network Partner - Los Angeles

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  • Audrey Ross

    Network Partner - Miami

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  • Aumann Bender & Associates

    Network Partners - San Diego

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  • Caroline Bean

    Network Partner - Houston

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  • Dale Boutiette and Alla Gershberg

    Network Partners - San Francisco

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  • Dylan Snyder

    Network Partner - Jupiter

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  • Elizabeth DeWoody

    Network Partner - Palm Beach

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  • Elliot and Wendy Koolik

    Network Partners - Boca Raton + Delray Beach

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  • Erin Krueger

    Network Partner - Nashville

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  • Gianna Cerullo

    Network Partner - Dallas

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  • Janie Coffey

    Network Partner - Jacksonville

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  • Jeff City Block

    Network Partner - Philadelphia

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  • Jeff Hendley

    Network Partner - Denver

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  • Joanne Nemerovski

    Network Partner - Chicago

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  • Joe Belz

    Network Partner - Naples

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  • Josh Dotoli

    Network Partner - Fort Lauderdale

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  • Judy Citron

    Network Partner - Palo Alto

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  • Katie Benty

    Network Partner - Lake Tahoe

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  • Katie Machoskie

    Network Partner - Orange County

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  • Kevin Caulfield

    Network Partner - Boston

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  • Kim Arenas

    Network Partner - Westchester

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  • Margie Halem

    Network Partner - Washington DC

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  • Nicole Kessler

    Network Partner - Austin

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  • Steven Shane

    Network Partner - Aspen

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  • Suding Murphy Group

    Network Partners - Santa Barbara + Montecito

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  • Tiffany Pantozzi

    Network Partner - Orlando

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  • Valery Neuman

    Network Partner - Palm Springs

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  • Zach Zeldner

    Network Partner - Boulder

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    THE PRIVATE CLIENT NETWORK is experienced. We know luxury real estate – and we know the market. We are hard-working and accomplished professionals with high standards and endless drive. We use our extensive knowledge to help our clients successfully navigate the complex real estate landscape. We leverage our marketing, sales and financial services experience in concert with our deal-making prowess to deliver for our clients – each and every time.

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